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  • Troubleshooting the Outlook Scheduling plugin
    Issues logging into the scheduling plugin? Try the following: Check your username matches what you were sent in your PVMR Welcome Email Check your password is correct and not locked out. Can you login to other company services? ​ Still can't login? Try reinstalling the scheduling plugin Close Outlook Go to 'Uninstall a program' in 'Control Panel' Uninstall the 'Video Conference plugin' Delete the files in 'C:\Users\'username'\AppData\Roaming\VideoConferencingPlugin\' - this is to remove old settings which can sometimes resolve login issues Reinstall the Video Conferencing plugin as per here.
  • What speed Internet connection is recommended when connecting from home?
    We recommend a VDSL based connection or better. Fibre based connections are ideal. This typically equates to an Internet connection with: - download speed >20Mbps - upload speed >10Mbps It is also recommended to connect to your home WiFi using a higher speed 5Ghz WiFi connection (802.11AC) if possible.
  • How do I share content into my PVMR?
    VC rooms - via the content cable in the room. This is room dependant but typically allows devices to be connected via VGA and/or HDMI. Cisco Jabber, Skype for Business - these clients support both sending their desktops into PVMRs or receiving content in a separate window. This provides the added advantage or being able to split the main video and content windows across two displays. JabberGuest plugin - allows desktop share (of chosen desktop/screen) or content receive in the browser window. WebRTC client - allows desktop share (of chosen desktop/screen) or content receive in the browser window. NOTE - requires the Chrome desktop sharing extension to be installed.
  • How do I share wirelessly to my PVMR?
    When in a VC room, you can wirelessly share from your PC (Windows/MAC) into your PVMR so you can view it locally and all remote participants can also see it. NOTE: this is using your PC's Internet connection to share the content to your PVMR - please keep this in mind when sharing via mobile 4G connections. WebRTC client (from Chrome only): - Click on the WebRTC client portal - (or paste into Chrome) - Enter the 'Meeting ID' (and 'passcode' if applicable and click 'Join Meeting' - Enter your name and click 'Join Meeting' - Select 'Management and Presentation' and click 'Join Meeting' - Select the 'Share Screen' icon and chose desktop or window to share Skype for Business client: - Click on the 'meeting ID' in the invite (or paste it into Skype for Business) - Click the 'Send IM' button - Click the 'Share Content' and select 'Share your Desktop' or 'Share a Window' NOTE: Mobile/Tablet devices are not currently supported.
  • How do I schedule a meeting?
    You can schedule a meeting via your normal Outlook meeting booking process. Simply select 'Add Video Conference' from the Toolbar to add your meeting room details to the Meeting Invite. You can find the Scheduling Add-in here. A quick start guide can be found here.
  • What devices/clients can I access my meeting room from?
    Room VC systems: Standards based SIP/H.323 endpoints Cisco: MX, SX, DX series Polycom: HDX and Group series Microsoft: Surface Hub or Skype Room system (registered to an Internet federated Skype for Business solution) Cisco Jabber: via ReadyCloud Collaboration or on Premise Communications Manager Microsoft Skype for Business: via Internet federated Skype for Business solution WebRTC client (preferred): - Windows 7 or newer PC's with Chrome browser v66 or later - MACOS with Chrome browser v66 of later JabberGuest browser plugin: Newer than: - Windows 7 or newer PC's with; Internet Explorer v8, Firefox v10, Chrome v18 - MAC OS with Safari Mobile/Tablets: Android and iOS devices JabberGuest app - downloadable from the Play and App stores PSTN Telephone Standard PSTN telephone or Mobile
  • What can I do in the Portal?
    The Portal allows the following: Users: - change/update settings on your meeting room - PIN - default layout - Join/Leave tone - participant labels Administrators: - same as users above - additionally manage other users meeting rooms in their organisation - access reporting information for the service Additional meeting room settings can be presented to users/adminstrators if required. Contact the ReadyCloud Video team for more information.
  • How do I navigate the Portal?
    The portal has the following main Activity icons: They provide access to the following functions: Call - for making calls out to users/endpoints People - when the meeting is active you can see and control participants when the meeting is not active you can add users who can control your meeting room Stats - when the meeting is active you can see all user/endpoint connection statistics/quality information. Settings - users can adjust their PVMR settings such as Passcode
  • Can I dial out to participants from my meeting room?
    Yes! If you know the users SIP URI or H323 ID you can dial out to them from the Portal. Select 'Call', then enter the SIP/H323 address to dial. Then click 'Call'.
  • What do I need to install the Outlook Scheduling Plugin?
    The Outlook plugin is supported on Microsoft Outlook 2010 through 2016. Windows 7 and higher is supported along. Note: when using Outlook 2010 - invitation templates are formatted in plain text only due to Outlook restrictions.
  • How can I schedule meetings for other people?
    The outlook plugin only allows users to add their PVMR details to a meeting invite. If you need to be able to book meetings on others behalf we would recommend using 'Outlook Templates' as per the PVMR setup guide here.
  • My Outlook Scheduling plugin has disappeared and/or is saying it's been disabled. What do I do?
    If the ‘VC Meeting’ button is no longer on the tool bar when you schedule a meeting, then Outlook may have disabled it. From Outlook select File > Options >Add-ins At the bottom of the window change the manage dropdown to ‘Disabled Items’ and select ‘Go’. Select the ‘VideoConferenceAddin’ plugin from the menu and select ‘Enable’ Close these menus and then restart Outlook. The ‘VC Meeting’ button should now appear on the tool bar when you create a new appointment
  • The content I'm sharing in my Chrome browser is very low quality. How can I fix this?
    Try disabling hardware accerlation in your Chrome browser settings. Open this URL in your Chrome browser: chrome://settings/system Then disable "Use hardware acceleration when available" and 'Relaunch' your browser. You can also find example screenshots here:
  • The Video is freezing when calling from a MacBook. How can I fix this?
    If your Video is freezing after a few secounds when connecting from a MacBook using my Chrome and Edge browser, then try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser settings. Open your browser Settings and Search for “hardware acceleration” Then disable "Use hardware acceleration when available" and 'Relaunch' your browser.
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