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Set up your Personal Virtual Meeting Room (PVMR)

Find out how to set up your Personal Virtual Meeting Room (PVMR).

Windows Users

(Windows 7 and newer with Outlook)

Install the RCV scheduler plug-in

The Outlook scheduling add-in allows you to add your PVMR details into a new meeting invite with the click of a button.

  1. Open Outlook

  2. Look for the 'Video Scheduling Plugin' button on the options ribbon under the Home tab

  3. If it's not there, install the RCV scheduler plug-in. Get the RCV scheduler plug-in

  4. Restart Outlook

Sign in to the RCV scheduling add-in

  1. In Outlook, find the 'Video Scheduling Plugin' on the options ribbon under the Home tab

  2. Select Configuration

  3. Enter the username and password provided on your PVMR welcome email and select Login

  4. A message will appear to say you've logged in successfully.

  5. Select Close. The plugin is now installed and configured correctly!

If you can't log in, check you're using the right username and password and you're connected to the internet. The password may be the one you usually use to sign in to your company's account.

Mac users

(MacOS with Outlook)

The RCV scheduler is not supported on MacOS.  Mac users can create an Outlook 'Template' to add their PVMR meeting details to invites.

Create an Outlook Template

  1. In Outlook, copy your PVMR details from your PVMR welcome email.  Copy the information between and including the purple bars.

  2. Select 'New Email' and expand the window

  3. On the far right of the menu bar, select 'View Templates'

  4. If it's not there you may have collapsed your menu ribbon, you can either expand your menu ribbon by clicking on collapse ribbon, or click 'Message' and the menu will show

  5. Select '+ Template'

  6. Enter a name (e.g. PVMR) and paste the invite into the lower field

  7. Select 'Save'

To add your PVMR details to an invite:

  1. Create a new meeting invite

  2. On the far right of the menu bar, select 'View Templates'

  3. Select your PVMR template to add it to the invite body

NOTE: If you add a PIN to your PVMR - please update your template to reflect this.

Bookmark the the PVMR Portal
Internet Explorer: Right click on this link and select 'add to favorites'.

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