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Controlling meetings

Controlling meetings from Cisco Meeting rooms

The latest Cisco VC rooms and the RCC Cisco Jabber client provide a roster list showing; the participants in the call, who's speaking, who's presenting and provides the option to drop participants from the call.

These controls can be found by selecting the 'participants' menu from the top right hand corner of the Cisco touch panel.

Alternately, for non Cisco or older VC systems, DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) tones can be used to control certain meeting functions. NOTE: some meeting roles such as Guest roles may not be able to access these functions.

Controlling meetings with the ReadyCloud Video portal

Learn how to use the ReadyCloud Video (RCV) portal to monitor and manage your Personal Virtual Meeting Room (PVMR) meetings. Find out how to set a passcode and view connection quality information.

Sign in to the ReadyCloud Video portal

  1. Open the ReadyCloud Video portal. Go to the ReadyCloud Video portal

  2. Enter the username and password provided on your PVMR welcome email

Navigate the ReadyCloud Video portal

Once you've logged into the portal, you'll see four icons at the top of the screen. You may need to hover over the middle of the screen to the left of your or the PVMR owner's name to make them visible.

  • People (person icon). Selecting this will allow you to see and control who's connected to an active meeting. When a meeting isn't active, you can add other users who can control your meetings.

  • Statistics (graph icon). When a meeting is active you can check quality and connection information for participants and rooms who are joined to your meeting.

  • Settings (sliders icon). Selecting this allows you to view your settings or add a passcode for meetings.

Add or change a passcode for your meetings

You can add a passcode to your meetings. Participants will need to enter this passcode when they join your meetings.

  1. Sign into the ReadyCloud Video portal

  2. Select the 'Settings' slider icon on the same row as your PVMR

  3. Enter your desired passcode in the Passcode field

  4. Select Done

Manage participants during a meeting

During a meeting you can add or remove participants and control whether they're on mute or not either individually or as a group.

  1. Sign into the ReadyCloud Video portal

  2. Select the person icon to go to the People page

  3. Hover over a participant to see information about their configuration, for example, if they are on mute

  4. Select the checkbox next to one or more people to view a menu of actions

  5. Select the action you'd like to perform, for example, mute or unmute

Note: selecting the red X on the options menu will remove the participant from the meeting.

View connection statistics

During a meeting, you can check the connection quality statistics for participants and rooms joined to your PVMR.

  1. Sign into the ReadyCloud Video portal

  2. Select the graph icon at the top of the screen to go to Statistics

  3. View the information for each of your participants

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