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Meeting Room Subscription

RCV Subscription

This service will allow customers to connect their Meeting Room Solutions (VC system) to the service for their:

  • Meeting Room Registration (SIP Proxy) 

  • Internal Call Control between your VC rooms and VMR's

  • External Call Control to 3rd party VC rooms via the RCV Video Internet Gateway

  • Centralised Corporate Directory Services

  • Service Desk and remote meeting room support

All RCV subscription meeting rooms register to the service via the SIP signaling protocol. The room is then allocated a unique address (SIP URI) that will allow it to make and receive direct internet video calls either within the serve or externally via the RCV secure internet video gateway.

The RCV internet video gateway will also provide interworking. Interworking allows an external party to call your meeting room using H.323 and the RCV service will convert this signaling to SIP.

The SIP address provided to each meeting room will be a <unique number>

Audio Calling

By adding audio calling to your subscription your meeting room will be able to make outbound audio calls to any standard NZ/AUS landlines or Mobiles with no per call fees. Removing the need to have both a VC system and a speaker phone in the same room.

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