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Securing your VMR

It’s important to setup your SVMR/PVMR with a security level that reflects the confidentiality of the meetings you will be hosting. RCV offers the following options to increase your meeting security:

RCV Portal  (

The portal allows a user to control the behaviour of their VMR. The credentials for this portal should include the selection of a strong password. For PVMR this password is set in your AD and therefore must conform to your minimum internal password standards. For SVMR, RCV sets the minimum password security level.



VMR addresses are often predicable and therefore access should be secured with a PIN that is difficult to guess. Meeting participants will need to enter this PIN to connect to the VMR. VMR owners setup their PIN (passcode) via the RCV Portal. Please ensure that if you change your VMR PIN you will need to update any future appoints that have been sent out with the previous PIN.

In Meeting Security

Be aware of who is connected to your VMR. You can do this in a few ways:

  1. Listen for meeting join tones and the connection popups to see who is joining your VMR

  2. Check the participant list. This can do seen in a few places

    • From the browser client – click the Participants icon on the side bar 

    • From a Cisco Touch Panel – Click the participants icon

    • From the RCV Portal – select your VMR and click the people icon

  3. Lock a meeting. If you have setup your VMR as a Host/Guest style, then the Host will be able to lock the meeting once all the desired participants have joined. Locking a meeting can be done from the browser client or by entering *1 to lock (and *2 to unlock).

Removing a Meeting Participant

If you have an undesirable participant in your VMR then you can disconnect them by:

  1. From a Cisco Touch Panel – Click the participants icon, select the participant and ‘Drop’

  2. From the RCV Portal – select your VMR and click the people icon, select the participant and ‘Disconnect’

  3. End the meeting for all participants by entering *0

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