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Technical and network considerations for Jabber Guest

System requirements


You'll need a multimedia-capable computer with a camera and microphone. It'll need to support the following software and hardware requirements:


Jabber Guest for Android is supported on the following Android devices and operating systems:

iOS devices

Jabber Guest is supported on iOS 8.0 or later. Jabber Guest is supported on the following iOS devices:

Network considerations


The Jabber Guest service supports a high definition 720p calling experience into your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). It'll automatically change the call quality, per caller, based on the caller’s available bandwidth. The maximum transmission speed for the service is 2Mbps.

Lower speed connections will have an impact on both video and audio quality. If you have low uploading speeds, for example, ADSL internet, consider using the video privacy toggle to join the meeting as an audio participant but still receive video.

Quality of Service (QOS)

If you have a network that implements Quality of Service traffic queues then we recommend placing Jabber Guest traffic in the best efforts/business queue. The ReadyCloud Video service will mark Jabber Guest traffic from the service to your network for the best efforts/business queue (DSCP 0). Traffic from the client on your network should also be classified for the same queue.

Network traffic path

Via essentials

If you access ReadyCloud Video via an essentials link into your Spark WAN then you'll be able to use this connection for Jabber Guest traffic as well. Jabber Guest traffic from your network users will automatically take this route.

If your network has an internet proxy server that directs browser traffic to flow out the corporate internet link then a proxy exception rule may be required on the client and/or server. This exception will allow Jabber Guest traffic to flow directly to the service via your essentials link. Talk to your first level support help desk for this.

Via the internet

If you're using Jabber Guest from the internet you may require changes to their internet firewall rules. In a corporate environment the firewall rules are often more restrictive for outbound connections. Talk to your first level support help desk to arrange the firewall change below.

Firewall rules:

Via the mobile network

Jabber Guest is available over the mobile data network. For the best call experience we recommend using a 4G connection.


All Jabber Guest calls are encrypted for your privacy. It is the VMR owner's responsibility to ensure that only the desired parties are connected to their VMR. VMR security can be increased with PIN numbers if required.

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