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Scheduling a Meeting

1. Create a new meeting request

Create a new Outlook meeting request.

NOTE: you must book meetings from an Outlook client that has the Scheduler plugin installed.

2. Click the 'VC Meeting' button

Click the 'VC Meeting' button to add your PVMR details to the new meeting request.

This populates the body of the meeting request with the dial-in details of your PVMR. These details are automatically updated if you change settings such as your PIN for your PVMR.

3. Add participants/rooms and select time

Add your participants to the invite along with any rooms required. This may include VC rooms which users can attend the meeting from where they can then dial into your PVMR. (Users will use the PVMR details from this invite to dial into the meeting).

Finally select an appropriate time - then send the invite.

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